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— портативный
— автомобильный
— дисплей 5 дюйм.
— 480x272 пикс.
— Bluetooth
— слот MicroSD
— голосовые сообщения
— артикул 629998

TomTom Pro 5150 Truck Live 5 Inch GPS with Lifetime European Maps (Maplin N45DD)
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• Truck-friendly routes across Europe
• Free Lifetime Maps
• WEBFLEET® ready
• One year free Live Services
• Dual mounting system
Save time and money, drive safely and manage your cargo efficiently. The TomTom PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE gives you specially designed truck routing from the information you fill in - your truck type, load, height, weight, length, restrictions, and maximum speed. With this information it calculates your realistic arrival time and helps you avoid narrow and dead-end streets, sharp turns, u-turns, low bridges or clearances, and narrow tunnels. With the TomTom PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE you are less likely to get stuck, delayed or drive unnecessary distances.
Perry Shaw reviewing and demonstrating the TomTom Pro 5150.
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