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— портативный
— автомобильный
— ПО: iGO
— Автоспутник
— Навител
— дисплей 5 дюйм.
— 480x272 пикс.
— слот MicroSD
— встроенная память: 128 Мб
— голосовые сообщения
— MP3-плеер
— фото
— видео
— артикул 575122

Наш покупатель Ярослав, который приобрел автомобильный навигатор Garmin Nuvi 3597LMT, расскажет почему он решил купить дорогой навигатор, а не стал пользоваться навигацией своего IPhone.
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The good news is that the system is flexible. The bad news is that installation is not a simple task, and the system is not a complete panacea to all rear vision problems.
1. The mirror, with its built-in LCD, fits over the existing mirror, and seems to me to be likely to fit a wide variety of factory models. The problem is that it is a little darker than a standard mirror.
2. You can mount the camera wherever makes sense, rather than being locked into, say, the license plate rim. This is a huge benefit for a car like ours, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, with its massive spare tire smack in the middle of the back end of the car. We ended up mounting it atop the center brake light. High up so it gets a good view, and it's not blocked by anything, including the Thule bike rack (T2 with extension, tray model).
3. You can choose to use the wireless transmitter and receiver, or the wire, to connect the camera to the screen. We chose wired because everyone we spoke with said that wireless was spotty, suffering interference. We didn't test that, so I am only reporting what we heard. But it's hard to argue with the idea that a hard-wired system will provide better performance than a wireless system. And although there is less effort required to configure it as wireless, that is only one of the many steps/connections in the overall process. So I am not sure how much time (or money) you save.
4. Installation was a bit daunting, and I am pretty handy. We ended up getting it installed professionally, about $200 or $300. Yeah, that adds to the cost! But they did a very nice job. If you think you'll do it yourself, just make sure you either have experience or have time to learn.
5. Performance is good, not perfect. The screen is relatively small. In daylight the view is pretty good, while at night it is poor. You can still see, given the light from the brake and reverse lights, but it's not exactly crystal clear. It would be nice to have infrared, or even white LED light, but you can see something. The grid lines are not to scale (possibly because of where we placed the camera?). But it's OK, a definite improvement over the terrible visibility rearward from the front seat of the Jeep.
The bottom line: OK system, flexible in many ways, big improvement if you have terrible visibility, not super-easy to install. I guess I'm glad I bought it and got it installed, but it was fairly expensive in the end. Hopefully it will help us not crunch into things...
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