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— стационарный
— морской
— число каналов: 16
— дисплей 5 дюйм.
— 480x480 пикс.
— слот SD
— голосовые сообщения
— артикул 300204

First gift/upgrade for my boat for the upcoming tournament season. Like j said we got ours just a little above cost because my grandpa owns a boat dealership but either way it's a great depth finder to have if you do any deep fishing.
Test of my Lowrance HDS-5 and recently added EP-60R fuel flow accessory. This is a MUST HAVE accessory- I had read of how small changes to trim and throttle make a big difference in fuel use- it's true. What's NOT true is that trim tabs give better MPG- you might get on plane faster but it's like pulling a bucket with them down. I only use one side a bit to keep level and leave the Mercruiser power trim to set the boat's plane- that got me the best MPG on plane.
I opted for the Lowrance system instead of the FloScan because I didn't want to install another gauge. SO glad I returned my failing Hummingbirds and went Lowrance- the difference between the companies is off the charts. (no pun intended)...but since I did mention charts- the Lowrance Insight maps are great- I found I don't need Navionics that's just my personal feeling.
The cost was $86 for the sender and $60 for the network kit. Under $150 total (ebay) ...but I think Cabellas had it cheaper for some reason.
I have NO doubt I'll save this $150 in my first few trips. It takes a bit of time to find the sweet spots and they move around...you can kinda guess where it is for you boat after installing the setup...but every time I went on plane I had to look at the Lowrance for trim and throttle to tweak into the 4 MPG zone. Without the setup I wasn't even close. Hope this helps you out.
PS Send me some good Cod & Haddock GPS locations if you want to repay the favor!
Новый эхолот/картплоттер серии HDS с 7, 9 и 12-ти дюймовым сенсорным цветным дисплеем высокого разрешения для быстрого и удобного использования. Встроенный StructurScan® HD, Broadband Sounder™ с DownScan Overlay™ и TrackBack™. Поддержка карт Navionics и созданных пользователями карт. Вход для видео камеры.
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