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— портативный
— автомобильный
— ПО: Навител
— Garmin
— дисплей 5 дюйм.
— 480x272 пикс.
— Bluetooth
— слот MicroSD
— голосовые сообщения
— фото
— артикул 175388

Perry Shaw reviewing and demonstrating the Garmin Nuvi 2577LT.
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INFO LINK HERE: Garmin nuvi 2577LT Automobile Portable GPS Navigator 010-01123-29 Portable / Handheld Navigators Easy-to-use dual orientation touchscreen interface Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice guide using recognizable buildings and landmarks PhotoReal and Bird's Eye junction views offer detailed images of junctions along your route to ease the stress of merging on or off a roadway Up Ahead displays nearby services info -including restaurants stores hospitals and fuel -alongside your map and updates as you drive your route Sleek mount attaches from behind for less distraction
Garmin nuvi 2577LT 5 inch Sat Nav with Full Europe and North America Maps and Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts
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Product Description
n?vi 2577LT
With Lifetime traffic, Real Directions for more natural instructions, speed camera alerts, Live capability, hands-
free calls and much more, the 5-inch n?vi 2577LT is an advanced sat nav designed to give you a safer, faster and
stress-free journey whether you're travelling in Europe or North America.
Crisp, High Resolution Display
n?vi 2577LT has a 5.0" high resolution display with "pinch and zoom" capability, so you can quickly get a closer
look at any onscreen information. Dual-orientation capabilities allow you to use either horizontally or vertically.
Detailed Maps with Free Updates
n?vi 2577LT arrives loaded with detailed maps of Europe and North America. It is also preloaded with Points of
Interest (POIs) such as businesses, stores, restaurants and other destinations. There's no need for you to enter
that address information. Just select one — or many — and navigate there, quickly and easily. You also have the
ability to add custom POIs. etc
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Garmin nuvi 2577LT 5 inch Sat Nav with Full Europe and North America Maps and Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts
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